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All photography by Geoff Smith

Welcome to Coveside Images. My name is Geoff Smith, and all the photos in the galleries were taken by myself, mostly in one of the southern counties of England.

Photography is my passion. I love capturing a moment in time and making something plain look amazing. Although an enthusiastic armature, I have also sold some photos. Getting known in the business and gaining confidence to show my work takes time.

The purpose of this website is to show what I can do with photography and gain interest from others in my work.


There is never a day or weather conditions that make photography impossible. You just need to think outside the box and take advantage of whatever conditions there are. The image to the left was taken on a wet day with cloudy skies and flooding, yet it's one of my favourites.

If you are interested in purchasing prints of any photos you see here, or if you see my potential and wish to discuss using my photography in publications, please feel free to contact me so we can discuss it.

Please take a look through my galleries and I hope you enjoy them.

If you live near Worthing and need a childminder, please get in touch with my Sister, Val Powell, who will be happy to help:

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