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My history with Photography

I have been interested in photography for a big part of my life, although when young I remember thinking that still photos were "boring", so I was more interested in video. Video cameras were fairly low quality then though, and I've always been fussy when it comes to high quality images, so no camera really satisfied my needs. I bought a Minolta fixed lens camera as my first serious film camera, but I wasn't too sure what I was doing and spent more time wondering what on earth to take photos of rather than enjoying using it and learning what real photography was all about. Waiting for the film to be processed and come back to me was exciting, but I was rarely impressed by the results.

Although I had a cheaper digital camera before hand, it wasn't until I bought my first serious DSLR camera in 2005 that I started to learn more about photography and how to take decent photos, and I soon realised just how wrong I was before about still photos being boring! A good quality imaginative photograph can really come alive when you view it, just like a good painting.

Digital cameras are sometimes thought of as just gadgets, and some think you cannot replace film. Although I would have agreed many years ago, the quality, speed and resolution available now far exeeds anything you can manage with 35mm film. Photography is now a major part of my life and everything I look at has a photographic opportunity - The trick is to find it, photograph it, and hopefully others will then enjoy it and be surprised at how something so simple can look so amazing.

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